Our mission is to give people living in homelessness the opportunity to become self-sustainable through on the job experience and mentoring, at a living wage.

Hello, my name is Dave.

I was homeless.

It only lasted one day, it was a requirement for a leadership course I was attending.

We had to 'dress up', walk the streets and put our hand out and ask for money.    

It's a day I will never forget, people would not look at me and some would even cross the street when they saw me coming.  

The shame, desperation and emotional distress of the homeless people I met that day was forever etched into my mind and heart. 

This has led me to years of volunteering and exploring the deep issues that contribute to poverty and homelessness.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing. I am excited to apply my experience to launch CMNGD; a business with a conscience. 


Hello, my name is Hannah.

A backpack full of clothes, my cat in my purse and knee deep in water; the Calgary 2013 Flood forever changed me. 

After the flood, we had an outpouring of help from friends and family.  At one point we had over 15 strangers in our home, dragging out water logged furniture and soggy memories. 

We could have been homeless, but we weren't because we have an ecosystem of support emotionally, physically and financially... And not all of us have access to that.

After recovering and rebuilding, our family committed to giving back to the Calgary community, which led us to volunteering at the Calgary Drop In and Rehab Centre (The DI).  This has inspired us to do more. 

With my background in entrepreneurship, training & marketing, I am excited to launch CMNGD, a social enterprise!

Our Mentors, Advisors & Board

Ed Straw - ATB Financial - VP Strategic Initiatives          Terry Booth - CA/Partner - Collins Barrow
Dawn Schulz - Red’s Diner - Hospitality Mgmt                  Alan Facey - CFO - Calgary Drop In Centre
Jay Baydala - CEO - Goodpin (Social Enterprise)              Scott Martin - CEO - Groundswell Mktg