What real live investors with real cash want to see in your pitch deck.

After working with entrepreneurs for years, this is one of the biggest questions is how do I pitch to investors (and then they ask.. how do I find investors?).  Let's start with the pitch deck!

In the end, we had a couple different pitch decks and we always customized each one depending on the audience we were talking to.  KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.  Each investor likes to see different things or dive into aspects depending on their background, so be prepared.

1. Investor Presentation via In-person: If we were going to present in front of investors, we would use this deck.  It was clear, did not have a lot of info (putting too much writing in a presentation is bad.  The investors will be reading your deck and not listening to you).  Less is more.

2. Investor Deck via Email: This would have a little more information in the slides as we won't be there to present.  This usually accompanied our financial projections in excel, cash projections that provided more detail.  

3. Partner / Community  Info Presentation via Email: This would be like the Investor presentation (less is more) but it would typically not have any financial info, (depending on the audience) and would be more about community impact and potential partnerships.  

PROTIP: Don’t put hard to read graphs or cram information into your slides. If they can’t read it, it’s useless. Instead have supplemental documentation for the investors to read later like financial projections or cash flow.

We have done up a great template that includes a Pitch Deck Template that also includes some tips too.  When you purchase the template, it goes directly to our jobs training program (launching in 2018) that will provide job employment and training to those living in poverty. 

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Here's a handy Infographic on crafting a killer pitch! 

Infographic courtesy of Fortune Pick.