CMNGD Linens launches in Calgary

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CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) Linens offers linen and laundry service to Calgary’s hospitality industry.

We deliver high quality linens and custom laundry services tailored to the needs of the high demand restaurant and hospitality businesses in Calgary.

We’ve heard from owners and managers in the city and they want a simple reliable service they can count on without any smoke and mirrors or long punitive contracts.  We can deliver this and more – all the whole doing something amazing for our city.

CMNGD offers:

  • Twice weekly pick up and drop off of linens
  • Clean and simple billing
  • High quality linens
  • Custom service available for high end aprons, chef coats, etc
  • Custom uniform program via Medium Rare Apparel
  • A great story supporting Calgarians your customers will love.