Dave & Hannah's passion and history in social justice issues led them to volunteering at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. What they kept hearing from the people living there was similar.
Once you are living in a homeless shelter, the barriers to get out of the cycle are impossible to solve by yourself. After speaking with multiple agencies, they confirmed that employment for people faced with homelessness or transitioning is a barrier.  Employers are not equip or willing to take a chance, and without stable employment, you can’t find or keep your home, creating a loop that keeps people stuck in our systems and in poverty. It's why the housing first initiative is so important and for those that can work, creating an employment model to support them as they transition into housing is also important. 
There was a gap, and after years of volunteering and research, speaking to social service agencies and finding a business model to support it, Dave & Hannah decided to use their entrepreneurial background, deep love for community & blend it with their passion for social justice issues to address employment barriers for people who face poverty barriers.

I’ve taken some upgrading, attended workshops, I am ready to work but no one will take a chance on me.
— explained Denis, who had been living at the local homeless shelter for a few years.


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