How we can help – Fort McMurray Fires

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Today, my heart hurts.  The fires in Fort McMurray are devastating.  Our province has been hit by the economic downturn and Fort McMurray was definitely one of the areas that have been hit the hardest with lay offs in oil and now this.

In the same moment, I have hope. I know if there is one thing Albertans can do is...RALLY.

We have big hearts and give beyond measure. I know this because our family has experienced this first hand through the Calgary flood in 2013.

I encourage you to give where you can and it does not need to be financial.  I am reminded of the letter I wrote (below), a year after the flood, there are many ways we can give, even if we don’t have the finances.

Give your time, a place to stay, a sympathetic ear, give your old furniture, make a meal or babysit kids.  Giving can happen in all different ways from friends, family and strangers.

Come hell, high water or fire – we will get through this, together.

Attention Evacuated Residents: Please email [email protected] with your name, location and confirmation of safety.

#AlbertaStrong #fmmfire #ymmfire

If you have can offer a place to stay or need a place to stay please go here: