Press Release: New business aims to alleviate poverty issues in Calgary

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New business aims to alleviate poverty issues in Calgary


CALGARY, AB – CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) is a social enterprise business that is committed to ending poverty in Calgary. Its first business venture is the launch of a linen laundry service that is tailored to the needs of the city’s high demand restaurant and hospitality industry. By employing homeless Calgarians, CMNGD offers an innovative solution to issues related to poverty. With the recent launch of its Alberta BoostR campaign, the company hopes to raise $10,000 by July 11, 2016 to help onboard restaurants and create employment hours.

“I spent a day being homeless for a leadership course, and it had a tremendous impact on me. At CMNGD, we provide creative solutions that involve digging deeper into the issues that cause poverty such as: access to opportunity, living wage, affordable housing and mental health. We truly believe now is the time for it.”

— Dave Cree, Cofounder of CMNGD

CMNGD has partnered with the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre to provide employment mentorship, real living wages and support to those who face barriers to meaningful employment.

“I’ve had people come up to me saying they found a good job and how excited they are to take this next step in their life. Their smiles make me smile. By employing homeless people and by paying excellent wages, CMNGD is doing a lot more than simply creating good jobs, they are creating joy.”

— says Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Executive Director Debbie Newman

CMNGD has also partnered with Medium Rare Chef Apparel to provide custom laundering services for businesses, maintaining the quality of their high-end aprons, chef coats and uniforms. In addition, CMNGD offers convenience through straightforward billing and a twice weekly pick up and drop off linen service.

CMNGD launched ATB’s Alberta BoostR campaign (think Kickstarter but local) and has been chosen out of 15 companies to pitch at the Alberta BoostR 1 year anniversary June 23 at Flames Central.  Those interested in donating to CMNGD can visit its Alberta BoostR campaign page. For more information on CMNGD or how to get involved, visit their website.

Calgary Linen and Laundry Services Cmngd Common Good
Photo by Kyle Hamilton. Laundromat Studios