What is CMNGD?

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What is CMNGD?

CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) is a community aimed at ending poverty through social enterprise. Our first venture is CMNGD Linens; a linen laundry service for the hospitality industry, launching in Calgary.


We believe poverty can be solved through creative solutions that involve digging deeper into the issues that cause poverty; access to opportunity, living wage, affordable housing and mental health.

Our sustainable model will deliver employment mentorship, a real living wage and support to those at the edge of our society, who historically have had limited opportunities to make a living.

We believe that given the right environment, given belief and given the opportunity; people are able to break the cycle.

In partnership with local organizations and nonprofits, we will offer the often missing cog in the existing support programs: on the job training and a real world environment that is stable and safe.