Get engaged with your community.


How to help

We are a for-purpose business but often we get asked about how a person can help or get involved with CMNGD. When you partner with us you are able to have direct impact on your community.

Look below to find out the different ways that you can help CMNGD make good more common.

Please feel free to refer local restaurants, hotels, spas or events, the most effective marketing for us has always been word of mouth.

Volunteer Opportunities

Employee Culture

Fridge & Microwave:
We are looking for 1 used fridge and microwave for our brand new warehouse so that our employees can take a well needed break!

Table & chairs:
Approximately 8-10 chairs with a table to eat lunch on.

Monthly Birthdays:
With the day to day of life we don’t always get the chance to celebrate, so we want to have a monthly birthday celebration for all our employees who celebrate that month. If you would like to sponsor a birthday month, please let us know.

Snacks, sponsoring a lunch n learn or birthday, food brings people together, so all of our team building activities must have food.

VOlunteer Opportunities

Lunch N' Learns

ESL (English as a Second Language):
We are looking for a person who knows how to teach ESL to 2-4 of our employees who have immigrated to Canada mainly from Syria & Palestine.

Personal Financial Planning & Savings:
If you are passionate about personal financial planning, we would definitely like to create some fun & interactive ways to bring this to our employees